I’m Md Shadab Alam.

A Full Stack Developer

based in India.

I'm your guy for great projects that need amazing skills. I am passionate about engineering, building awesome products and problem solving and if you have a fantastic project you can contact me!


Companies I have worked for in the past


Quorilla, Frontend Engineer

Currently I work as frontend developer at Quorilla.


Siterecon, Freelancer Frontend Engineer

Worked as a freelancer frontend developer on different modules of their web app.


Tweetflick, Indie Maker

Worked on Tweetflick as a side project. Handled all kind of things: Full-stack development, Product related decisions, and much more.


Publaunch, Freelancer Frontend Engineer

Worked as a freelancer frontend developer and developed a few modules of their web app.


TCS, Full stack developer

I started my career of Software Engineer from TCS and here I worked as Full stack developer.


Geekflare Assist, Full stack developer

GeekFlare Assist is a chat bot powered by GPT-3 using Open AI APIs designed to answer questions specifically about Unix, SQL & DevOps. Wrote APIs using GraphQL with Nodejs & developed frontend using NextJs


Work that I’ve done for the past 3 years

Web App Development

I am currently working at this project as a full time frontend developer. The challenging part in this role was to develop the frontend of streaming service. For the two way video conferencing we integrated third party APIs and made custom UI as per our designs.

Web App Development

Worked on a few modules of this product. It is a very interesting product solving a great business case and this was the challenging part of this project that we need to understand the business use case decent enough to give a good user experience

Web App & Chrome Extension Development

This is one of my most favorite solutions I have worked upon. I solved quite challenging problems while working on Tweetflick. From Twitter bot to Chrome Extension.










Material UI

Ant Design

This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with over the past 2.5+ years in my software development career.

‘’Shadab is an amazing software engineer! Not only he is a great problem-solver and a skillful software developer; he is also a very dedicated, motivated and positive one. He is a doer, he is adaptable and he is constantly looking for ways to improve things. He is a team player. He produces quality code at a great speed and with a smile. It's just a pleasure to work with someone that has the skills and enthusiasm that Shadab has.’’

Miguel Prieto



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